Doctor Hand Washing Sink

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    Dishwasher Sinks

-The whole product is made of 304 quality 18/8 cr-ni material.

– Top table 1.5 mm front and side parts are made of 1 mm thick stainless steel.

-The rear part has a 30 cm grin.

– There are 3 water-controlled battery operated by photocell and 3 soap dispenser controlled by foot pedal.

-The water control provides flow by hand movement at the level of photocell battery.

– Soap dispenser control: Soap flow is provided with foot pedal controlled soap dispenser.

– Hot and cold water flow is done by mixer.

-The tub is given a special form to prevent water splashing.

– All surfaces are made of satin finish.

– The power input is 9-12 V or 220 V.

-Height adjustment element.