6 Shish 36 Chicken Capacity Chicken Frying Machine (Gaseous)

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    Chicken Frying Machines

– Body of the device is 304 Cr / Ni stainless steel.
– Cooking type is radiant type and gas consumption is economical.
– Each skewer cooking radiant is controlled separately.
– Control taps with safety valve and imported.
– Each radiator has a thermocouple to interrupt the gas flow if the burnout is accidentally extinguished.
– Our cover glasses are tempered glass and heat resistant.
– Special baskets can be installed to cook wings, thighs and baguettes.
– The motor of the slewing mechanism is imported.
– Gear system is completely steel and silent.
– Compatible with LPG and natural gas.
– Skewer grips and glass lid grips are heat resistant and bakelite.
– Electrical installation is resistant to high temperatures.
– Large capacity tray is specially designed for cooking vegetables such as potatoes, eggplants.
– 6/36 chick capacity.
– Simple maintenance, easy to clean.